Lacie Nelson Secures a Sweeping Victory in Discrimination Lawsuit

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In a 16-day trial, Brewe Layman attorney Lacie Nelson successfully defended a corporate client in a discrimination lawsuit. The Plaintiff, a former employee, filed suit in 2018 claiming that she had been subjected to a hostile work environment and had been sexually harassed in 2015-2016. She further claimed that after reporting the harassment to company superiors, she was retaliated against by having her hours reduced and was ultimately terminated.

The evidence revealed that the plaintiff never made any reports of sexual harassment and was in fact the perpetrator of sexually inappropriate behavior in the workplace, not the victim. The Plaintiff was ultimately terminated by the company for threatening to physically hurt another employee and for her ongoing sexually inappropriate behavior and bullying of other employees.

The court agreed with Nelson’s argument that the Plaintiff was not credible and ruled in favor of our client on all claims. In a post-trial motion, the court found the Plaintiff’s entire lawsuit to be “frivolous” and awarded our client a judgment against the Plaintiff for attorney fees and costs of over $180,000.