Mediation / Arbitration

Results – Now. Brewe Layman offers skilled and experienced private for hire mediators to help our clients resolve conflict in the most expeditious, cost-effective and private manner possible. Commonly used in divorce cases, mediation is a completely voluntary process undertaken by participants wishing to avert more expensive and time-consuming litigation.

Ken Brewe leads the firm’s mediation team, which also includes Sabrina Layman. Collectively they have many years experience and have participated in thousands of mediations and arbitrations. As mediators, they bring creative problem-solving ideas and techniques to the table to facilitate a resolution.

The mediation team at Brewe Layman knows how to balance the needs of both parties and helps clients reach solutions that are both fair and sustainable, while maximizing the outcome for the individuals – and the children – involved.

When you pursue resolution of a family law matter through mediation or private arbitration, Brewe Layman offers:

A Private Solution: Clients appreciate the opportunity to work out their differences in a confidential fashion behind closed doors, instead of an open courtroom.

Your Voice Will Be Heard: Solutions are not imposed upon our clients. We facilitate a resolution that allows for maximum client input when structuring the outcome.

Enforceability: A binding and fully enforceable CR-2A Settlement Agreement is our goal.

Experience: Seasoned direction/input from very experienced family law practitioners.

Brewe Layman offers arbitration services in the event your needs require an experienced arbitrator to resolve, in a binding format, issues or disputes be it in a family law context or otherwise. Arbitration matters typically result in an extended hearing (Zoom, live or telephonic) involving testimony, exhibits, evidence, and experts. A thoughtful and carefully considered arbitration decision is the result of the proceedings.

"You and Sabrina are my heros ....I was edgy and nervous after my previous experiences over the last two years but now I know my worries are in vain and I can finally relax because I am in VERY good hands."

- Jean, Client


“Exceeding the needs of our clients only happens by taking the time to really listen.”


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