Personal Injury

Personal Injury is an area of legal specialization wherein we assist clients in pursuing damage claims for any number of injuries or injustices they may have suffered at the hands of another. While many people associate personal injury claims with physical injuries incurred in automobile or workplace accidents, the types of claims covered under the umbrella characterized as personal injury is actually much broader. Personal Injury covers almost every injury or grievance caused by another, and at Brewe Layman we can help you reach a favorable outcome for claims including medical malpractice, death, serious bodily injury, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, physical and sexual assault claims, work assault/harassment, wrongful employment termination, vehicular accidents, insurance disputes, product liability, head injuries, food poisoning and even dog bites.

Perhaps more than other legal conflicts, the resolution of personal injury claims can sometimes feel a bit like gambling‚ if you win your case you may realize a substantial damage award, but if you lose you may walk away with nothing. In the case of a debilitating accident or a serious injury claim, the last thing you want to do is gamble with your legal representation.

Brewe Layman has a staff of seasoned attorneys who will skillfully manage any litigation, insurance claims, arbitrations and mediations which result from the assertion of your claim.

With the experience found at Brewe Layman, you can stack the odds of winning in your favor. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to help you achieve the outcome you desire that we take personal injury cases on a contingency-fee basis‚ if you don’t receive a recovery payment we don’t get paid (except for reimbursement of actual costs advanced). It’s that simple.

We invite you to come in and share the details of your case with us. We’ll tell you about similar cases we’ve handled and give you a candid assessment. Rest assured, when you retain Brewe Layman your situation just took a turn for the better. For additional questions about personal injury, please contact us today.


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