Don’t settle when it comes to settling: Three musts when seeking a divorce lawyer


Written by the Brewe Layman team

It’s emotional and exhausting, and there’s no elegant way to put it – you’re getting a divorce. But the light at the end of the tunnel will get closer and closer, especially if you have the right team on your side.

Our job as divorce attorneys is to take the stress of legal matters off your plate. Of course you need legal advisors who understand even the thorniest issues related to asset allocation, parental rights and spousal support, but you also need a service team that keeps you informed throughout the process. The right legal team – one that provides the personalized service you need – will help you continue to live your life and effectively navigate the waters of your divorce with the fewest issues possible. When hiring an attorney, here are three important attributes to look for.

1. Responsiveness

Generally, the legal field doesn’t have a positive reputation for keeping clients regularly informed, for being responsive, or for being attentive to client needs. While attorneys are busy – they’re in court, in mediation, arbitration, they have trial or a deposition – that is no excuse to put your file at the bottom of the pile. You need to seek out a firm that takes a team approach on each case, ensuring you always have a point of contact when you need assistance – no matter what.

2. Teamwork

Just as you need a strong support system to help you through the emotional side of your divorce, you need a network of professionals to assist with the formal legal side. Not only does a team approach translate to improved responsiveness, it also allows for a more efficient process. Having both an attorney and a paralegal assigned to your file right away means you can find comfort knowing that a team member is available according to your schedule. This progressive method allows attorneys to keep their focus on what matters most – you.  

3. Reliability

While you’re keeping your plates spinning, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your divorce attorney is in your corner, pushing your case, making progress, and achieving the results you’re after. Having confidence in your divorce attorney and the team is critical to a successful outcome and a positive experience, which is why you should be kept in the loop at all times. This is your future, so if information comes in the door that pertains to your case – you should know right away. Nothing should get left for tomorrow. At the end of each day, a good attorney handles all messages before they walk out the front door.

If you’re facing a divorce, you need the full support of a legal team that will give you the personalized, attentive service required to bring ease to a difficult situation. At Brewe Layman, we are diligent, adept, and tenacious. Personalized service is not just a term, it’s a promise we make to our clients. We skillfully handle even the most complex divorce matters, and apply our vast experience in family law to each unique client situation.