Welcome to Brewe Layman’s Puget Sound Family Law Blog!

Welcome to Brewe Layman’s Puget Sound Family Law Blog! We are excited to provide this resource to our clients and to others who may be facing questions about all matters related to family law.

Family Law is a broad subject, and this blog will touch on a full range of topics. We will discuss all aspects of divorce, from deciding whether or not to end a marriage, to issues related to spousal support and parenting plans, to coping with the adjustment of a new family reality. Since divorce is an emotional and life-altering experience, most of our posts will be focused on helping people navigate the process—and to move forward in the aftermath.

But our blog won’t just be limited to divorce-related issues. We will also post about emerging laws related to same-sex marriages, community news and current events, and legal trends. Expect thought-provoking articles from our attorneys—and from others—as well as links to other blog posts that we believe might be of interest to our readers.
We hope this blog will not only be a good resource, but also a platform to generate discussion.

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