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Telling the Kids About Your Divorce

Dr. Deanna Conklin-Danao, Clinical Psychologist and Child Specialist writing in our Children & Divorce Guide:

Don’t promise things you can’t guarantee because you feel guilty. For example, if the kids are in private school and you aren’t sure if you will be able to afford it, don’t promise it. ‘You will live in two different houses, but you will continue to spend time with both of us.’ Different doesn’t mean bad, it means different. Kids will take emotional cues from both of you, so be mindful of the nonverbal communication cues as well as the words.

Telling your children that you’re splitting up is one of the most difficult aspects of the divorce process. You may be dreading this conversation with your kids, but the tips Dr. Conklin-Danao provides in the guide should make it a little bit easier.

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