At Brewe Layman, we have extensive experience with appellate advocacy matters (an appeal of a trial court determination) and can evaluate your case to assist in deciding the preferred course of action. We bring polished and pragmatic expertise to this specialized area of the law. While you may not have achieved the desired outcome in a trial or hearing, an appeal may not always be your best course of action. Sometimes, a person’s passion for defending their side of the case can get the best of them, leading to costly, time-consuming appeals. If yours is a case that would benefit from the considerations of a higher court, we will press on with experienced vigor. However, we will also advise you candidly if we feel the case has likely realized its ultimate outcome.  We are fortunate to have former Snohomish County Deputy Prosecutor Karen D. Moore on our staff, who brings a wealth of experience in assessing and handling appeallate matters including RALJ (Limited Jurisdiction Court of Appeals), Washington State Court of Appeals and Washington State Supreme Court matters. Ms. Moore formerly worked in the chambers of Eugene A. Wright, Sr. Circuit Judge for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney handling appellate matters on behalf of Snohomish County. We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and evaluate your appeal.

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